Bitclassic Coin

Bitclassic Coin is an electronic cryptocurrency that is decentralized, globally available, does not require third-party organizations or individuals, and is based on blockchain as a payment technology. Bitcoin Golden Code re-upgrade the bitcoin system, through the code form will be completely changed the height of the block to bitcoin unlimited mainstream solution. The system has changed the block size of bitcoin networks and optimized the network's processing speed. Block size changed from 1M to 8M. Faster transaction speed. Reduce transfer fees and user participation threshold.


Lightning Transaction

Large block

Zero knowledge proof

High concurrency

Road map

Set up team

2017-06-01 Set up team

Hard fork

At a height of 499888, extend 8M block

zero-knowledge proof

zero-knowledge proof



The three-year bitcoin expansion war has seriously hindered the development of bitcoin. At the same time, it has suffered a massive siege of innovative currencies such as Ethereum and Zcash and lost a huge amount of market share. After all, they began to gather many was playing in the community and decided to inject new impetus into the continued progress of of Bitcoin. This was even more applauded and supported by a number of prestigious community leaders. We will carry out the bifurcation test at the height of 499888 to add new features for bit successful. After successful branching, the same amount of bitcoin credit will be given on a 1: 1 ratio
The total amount of Bitclassic Coin is 21.2 million, 200,000 for the pre-dig
After bifurcation success, download the wallet in the Bitclassic Coin official website, importing the address of the bitcoin, then receive the same number of Bitclassic Coin 1: 1 ratio